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Thanksgiving in Brussels!

20 Nov 2017 20:16 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving in Brussels? Let us help!

The simplest way to celebrate Thanksgiving in Brussels is to join us on Sunday November 26! If you are looking for a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, the Hard Rock Cafe may have what you are looking for!

If you have your heart set on a home cooked meal, the first step is finding a turkey. Picard offers stuffed turkeys and chapons (castrated roosters - don't knock it until you try it!) ready to reheat. They also offer a pumpkin puree for your pumpkin pie, diced pumpkin if roasting is your thing, and some lovely fall soups that would complement any Thanksgiving table. 

If you are more of a DIY spirit, Carrefour Hypermarche and Delhaize both have turkey available. They are most abundant in the communes with large American populations, namely Overijse and Waterloo, but when you cannot find a whole turkey, you are likely to find turkey breasts and legs which can make a fine meal as well. Stonemanor also has fresh whole turkeys available. 

If you aren't up for cooking a whole turkey or if your oven can not accommodate a turkey, check with your local butcher, as they will often order one and cook it for you. 

Ocean Spray Cranberries are available at Delhaize and Carrefour Hypermarche. These can be easily transformed into a deliciously simple cranberry sauce. If the ridges from the can are an essential part of your Thanksgiving experience, Ocean Spray cranberry sauce is available on

Pumpkin puree may be harder to come by (particularly if you don't have a Picard nearby) but Colruyt has plenty of pumpkins left if you are up for making your own pumpkin puree

For the cornbread, polenta is a decent substitute for cornmeal (just use a scant measurement if not going by weight as it is more finely ground) and what is Thanksgiving without cornbread?

What do you do for Thanksgiving?


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