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  • 20 Nov 2017 20:16 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Are you celebrating Thanksgiving in Brussels? Let us help!

    The simplest way to celebrate Thanksgiving in Brussels is to join us on Sunday November 26! If you are looking for a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, the Hard Rock Cafe may have what you are looking for!

    If you have your heart set on a home cooked meal, the first step is finding a turkey. Picard offers stuffed turkeys and chapons (castrated roosters - don't knock it until you try it!) ready to reheat. They also offer a pumpkin puree for your pumpkin pie, diced pumpkin if roasting is your thing, and some lovely fall soups that would complement any Thanksgiving table. 

    If you are more of a DIY spirit, Carrefour Hypermarche and Delhaize both have turkey available. They are most abundant in the communes with large American populations, namely Overijse and Waterloo, but when you cannot find a whole turkey, you are likely to find turkey breasts and legs which can make a fine meal as well. Stonemanor also has fresh whole turkeys available. 

    If you aren't up for cooking a whole turkey or if your oven can not accommodate a turkey, check with your local butcher, as they will often order one and cook it for you. 

    Ocean Spray Cranberries are available at Delhaize and Carrefour Hypermarche. These can be easily transformed into a deliciously simple cranberry sauce. If the ridges from the can are an essential part of your Thanksgiving experience, Ocean Spray cranberry sauce is available on

    Pumpkin puree may be harder to come by (particularly if you don't have a Picard nearby) but Colruyt has plenty of pumpkins left if you are up for making your own pumpkin puree

    For the cornbread, polenta is a decent substitute for cornmeal (just use a scant measurement if not going by weight as it is more finely ground) and what is Thanksgiving without cornbread?

    What do you do for Thanksgiving?

  • 20 Nov 2017 09:41 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A big thank you to all who made our annual Christmas Market a success! We had fabulous vendors, plenty of Christmas cheer and a wonderful visits with Santa Claus!

    One visitor was even inspired to share a poem about her day! Thank you Sarah!

    For those tombola ticket holders who were not present for the drawing, grab your tickets and please see below for the winning numbers! Good luck!

  • 26 Oct 2017 20:47 | Deleted user

    Last weekend, the American Women’s Club of Brussels had a great Haunted Halloween Party that was attended by a number of superheros, princesses, pumpkins, and dragons. Families decorated pumpkins, participated in our Trunk or Treat, and competed for prizes in our game room. The event brought in over 75 children from the Brussels community, including some children and families from the Alsemberg Refugee Center.

    This event would not have been able to get off the ground without the help from our tremendous  AWCB members who volunteered to make this a spooktacular day.  

    Thank you to our guests who shared their answers on our Question Wall. The question was “What is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen?” and we had a lot of great answers, but here are the ones that stood out:

    • Zombies

    • My mom when she’s mad

    • Clowns

    • My dad when he’s driving

    • Populism rising among the vulnerable, under-educated masses

  • 13 Oct 2017 14:43 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Back in 1961, the AWCB presented Allan Schiller's violin recital. Our support of the arts continues as we sponsor the Cube Art Fair, an exhibition of American artists in Brussels, this evening. 

  • 13 Oct 2017 13:40 | Deleted user

    What happens when you gather a few women with different backgrounds and some Women of Note members? Singing during AWCB’s monthly Ladies Night Out, of course! The public transit strike did not prevent eight of us getting together for dinner at Le Phénicien in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and enjoying way too much Lebanese food by the fireplace. The restaurant was a suggestion by one of our members and truly did not disappoint and the garlic aroma lingered long after everyone arrived at home.

    New member or old, this is a wonderful way to get better acquainted with women who have incredibly rich backgrounds and you never know what conversation you will fall into. Join us for our next outing on Thursday, 9 November as we make our way to a restaurant in the Waterloo area. Although casual, reservations are essential for the restaurant. Please reserve by Monday, November 6, at the latest so we can confirm the booking.

  • 05 Oct 2017 17:50 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Did you know that October 5 is Do Something Nice Day? Why not do something nice by making a donation to sponsor a child from the Alsemburg Refugee Center to attend the AWCB Halloween event and provide them with Halloween pumpkins! Please make a donation (suggested: 5 euros) at the clubhouse or via bank transfer to BE79 2100 3159 1033 noting your name and Halloween Sponsor. 

    Thanks for your generosity!

  • 02 Oct 2017 20:39 | Deleted user

    One of the first things everyone learns while living in Brussels is that “perfect weather days” are extremely rare. Fortunately,  the Rhode St Genèse brocante and President’s Day BBQ landed on one of rare days on a late September weekend. The Rhode St Genèse is a well known event around Brussels and traffic getting into the commune was comparable to driving into Brussels during rush hour.

    The American Women’s Club of Brussels held it’s own Brocante for those passing by on their way to the main street and it was quite a success. The event started with coffee and croissants then burgers and hotdogs were grilled and sold in the afternoon. This annual event provides a wonderful excuse for members to clean out their garage, closets, and cabinets so others can make use of those forgotten dishes, jackets, and garden tools.  

    A huge THANK YOU to those who organized, volunteered their time, energy, and weekend to make this event happen. Our wonderful volunteers kept the brocante open three hours after the scheduled end time and ended up selling a lot of additional items. Items that were not sold are being donated to a variety of causes such as a local orphanage, women’s shelter, and many others. Not enough thanks can go to those who made this event a success!

    Following the brocante, members and their families assembled for AWCB's President's Welcome Back BBQ where burgers, brats, and hotdogs were grilled up and served along side dishes made by members. The evening was spent outside as the warm weather stuck with us and all were able to enjoy a meal together after the summer holidays. Many more family events are to come as we go into fall so stay tuned for many announcements coming soon!

    A Thank You Note From Our Brocante Organizer:

    A huge Thank YOU to all  2017 brocante volunteers. Through your support either by making donations, assisting in sales of brocante items and snacks, or participating in set and clean up, we were able to net a profit of over €1300.00 from the brocante and BBQ event. 

    I personally felt that there was an amazing team spirit guiding us all this exciting event.  
    In appreciation,
    Marty Niebel
    Brocante organizer

  • 29 Sep 2017 11:50 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Today we have a Rendez-vous cover from 1978! Check out the photos of many spectacular AWCB events! Our holiday traditions continue today...stay tuned for upcoming announcements about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is going to be a jam packed autumn at the AWCB!

  • 23 Sep 2017 20:45 | Deleted user

    Dinner, drinks, dessert, and delightful conversation was enjoyed by all during the most recent Girls Night Out. Each month, the ladies of the American Women’s Club of Brussels rotate through a different commune to enjoy new cuisine and conversation among friends. September’s Girls Night Out was organized at the delightful Le Callens Café in Ixelles and delivered what you can come to expect from the strong record of excellent restaurant picks.

    The table of twelve was buzzed with lively conversation and, like always, ladies swap seats before dessert so the everyone has a chance to sit near someone new and hear the latest personal news, family story, or travel reviews from a different party.

    The evening out is always a good excuse to step out of our own kitchens and step into the relaxed atmosphere of one another while experimenting with a new restaurant that we may never have otherwise tried. In October, we plan to get together again in Woluwe/Overijse so register today! Stay tuned and stay hungry while we await the restaurant details.

  • 23 Sep 2017 12:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Several AWCB members were on hand to help Oasis Belgium celebrate its 10th anniversary on September 22. Started out of a small room in 2007, Oasis Belgium has dedicated the past decade to helping Belgium's most marginalized and vulnerable residents find help, hope and community. The AWCB has been a part of this journey through the efforts of individual members, as well as through a HOPE grant and fundraising events. One of Oasis Belgium's larger projects assists women to exit situations of domestic abuse and/or exploitation- making the Oasis-AWCB partnership a great example of women empowering women.

    AWCB member Trish Williams with Oasis Volunteer Nancy Evans

    Sheryl Abrahams, AWCB member and Oasis volunteer, describes similarities between the two groups: "Both Oasis and the AWCB are dedicated to helping people- and especially women- to be their best selves."

    AWCB President Sue Frick received the following acknowledgement from Oasis. AWCB plans to continue making a difference with Oasis as one of our HOPE partners. 

    Hi Sue,

    On behalf of Oasis Belgium, I would like to thank you, as the president of AWCB, for donating a gift certificate from the Gift Boutique, for our Gala Fundraiser that took place last Friday.  It was a lovely gesture and we really appreciate your support. The AWCB helped make our live auction a great success. 

    Thanks to AWCB's generosity, we will be able to continue our projects, and increase our involvement  with the most vulnerable people in Belgium. This includes women, victims of exploitation and domestic violence; families with children, in difficulty in Brussels; and elderly people who are isolated and vulnerable in Flanders. 

    Together we can make such a difference!

    Best regards,

    Nancy Evans

    Office Volunteer

    Oasis Belgium

The American Women's

Club of Brussels

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