Covid Procedures for 2020 Summer Activities

To respect governmental regulations, and to ensure the health and safety of our members, the Board of the AWCB has developed the following rules regarding club activities or events. These rules remain in force until at least 31 August, but will be reviewed periodically.

The Board will be happy to receive member feedback by email at

General Rules

  • Masks must be worn on arrival and when packing up to leave. Your Activity Coordinator will let you know on-site whether you can remove your mask during the activity or event. This will depend on the available space for the activity, anticipated movement throughout the activity, and the number of participants.
  • Bring your own mask and hand sanitizer. These items are not consistently provided for all AWCB activities. (If an activity or event is at the clubhouse, sufficient soap and disposable hand towels will be available for handwashing. Hand sanitizer may be limited depending on current stock.)
  • If you are sick or feeling unwell or if you have a fever, or you have been sick in the previous 14 days, please do not come to the clubhouse or any other activity or event.
  • If you become sick or develop a fever within 14 days after having participated in an activity or event, please notify the Board President (Kelly Hogan – immediately.

Clubhouse specific rules

No drop-ins – The clubhouse is open only for planned activities or events and participation is limited to only those individuals who have registered at least one day in advance.

 No kitchen – The kitchen space, refrigerator, stove, dishes, flatware, etc… will not be available without special permission, granted by the AWCB Board in advance. 
 Any use of the kitchen and serving of any food or drink will be subject to additional procedures for handling and clean-up. 
 Timing – As the kitchen is currently off limits, activities or events be held between 10:00 –13:00 on Wednesdays.  
 Some exceptions for timing or days can be made with advanced notice and agreement of the Board. Arrangements will have to be made in advance for opening and closing and for cleaning.
 If members bring their own drinks/snacks, they must bring their own containers/thermos/water bottles/coffee thermos and they must clean up completely after themselves. 
 Ideally, the Activity Coordinator will open the windows for the room in use. If windows cannot be left open during an activity or event, the clubhouse rooms must be aerated regularly. If you think you will be cold, bring a sweater (or two)! 
 The clubhouse areas in use will be cleaned thoroughly after each activity or event.   This includes surfaces, toilets, door handles, …. 
Due to cleaning requirements, timing of events or activities at the clubhouse is currently limited to Wednesdays from 10:00 - 13:00


1) All participants must register on the AWCB’s website in advance. This allows the AWCB to maintain a contact list for tracing purposes and to limit the numbers in accordance with government restrictions (Max 20 people until 30 June, Max 50 people as of 1 July until 31 August)

2) Registration for each event must be cut-off at least one day in advance. Some registrations may be stopped sooner to allow for sufficient planning.

For activity coordinators

Each activity or event must have an assigned Activity Coordinator (AC). The AC is responsible for the following tasks:

1. Recording of attendance – based on the pre-registered participant list. Final attendance record must be sent to the 

AWCB Board President (Kelly Hogan) at

2. Maintenance of required 1.5 metre distance and/or wearing of masks by participants.

Specific responsibilities if using the clubhouse:

3. Set-up of tables and/or chairs required for the activity or event. At least 1.5 metres must be maintained. 

Pillow preparation tables (in the café) and bridge tables (in the main meeting room) can be left in place over the summer.

4. Regular aeration of the room(s) being used – at least every 2 hours if windows cannot be left open throughout the event.

5. Clean-up of activity (supplies, garbage, etc…).

6. If an exceptional event or activity is not being held during the regular opening time and has been pre-approved by the Board, then at least 1 week in advance,

arranging with VP2 (Pat Raymond – for clubhouse opening/closing, room requirements and cleaning service after the activity or event.

(This is not required for pillows and bridge meeting regularly on Wednesdays from 10:00 – 13:00.)

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