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The American Women's Club of Brussels

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DONOR Appreciation

Thank you to all of our generous donors. Your donations have made a difference in the lives of many.


February FAWCO Pasta Fundraiser

A big thank you to everyone who attended or donated to our first fundraiser of 2023 and to President Lorraine de Bock who donated and prepared all the food - all proceeds are being donated to FAWCO!

Karin Adam
Michelle Angelone
Mary Ellen Cochran
Sophie d'Assche
Nancy Evans

Susan Frick
Marianne Hubert
Florence Jeannin
Judith Leon
Mrs. Lloyd

Michiko Lloyd
An Madridondo
Katie Osweiler
Arlette Schreuer
Linda Tylke


Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Luncheon 

Thank you to all that participated in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Lunch in October 2022. All proceeds raised went to the BIG organization and the AWCB Hearts for Hope Pillow Project.

Thank you to all of our members and non-members who participated in the luncheon and special mention to member Heidi Klingman who donated 500 Euros! 

Barbara Akwagyiram
Jan Allen
Tanya Arler
Julia Coleman
Jennifer Constantino
Kristen Crosson
Lorraine De Bock
Clare Ferguson
Jayne Haigh
Béatrice Hatt

Marianne Hubert
Florence Jeannin
Karin Johansen Adam
Rasma Kass
Julie Kmet
Kayali Lenssen
An Madridondo
Heather Melville
Liliane Morelisse
Kosei Murata

Rhonda Ocha
Gen Putmans
Maylis Raphael
Anni Snoecx
Melba Sullivan
Michelle van der Straaten
Rozanne Van Rie
Emma Waites

Special thank you to: 

Anne-Claire Simonet Champagne
De Wit Wines
Tharien van Eck

Angel Tree

In December 2022 the AWCB the donated over 300 gifts to underprivileged children through the Centre Nos Pilafs, La Cité Joyeuse Orphanage, Oasis Belgium, Nativas and Project Lina.

500 euros or more

Lorraine and Marc De Bock

250 euros or more

Michelle Angelone
Lindsay Connolly
Florence Jeannin
Mishka Migacz

100 euros or more

Jan Allen
Heidi Baker-Klingman
Pierre Buvat
Kristen Crosson
Mary Ellen Cochran
Nancy Evans
Cate Napier
Mara Mandara Jarchow

30 euros or more

Sheryl Abrams
Sophie d’Assche
Teresa Basile
Crucke-Devolder Family
Bridget Dowd
Susan Frick
Alexander Guittierez
Kelly Hogan
Kara Kogler
Kayali Lenssen
An Madridondo
Joyce Mostinckx
Carl Mir
Rhonda Ocha
Kristien Peelman
Melba Sullivan
Linda Tigert
Linda Tylke
Hilde Van den Bossche
Rozanne Van Rie
Gina van Wanroy

Back to School Program

AWCB dedicated volunteer Julie Kmet spearheaded our Back to School Supply Drive again this year, which is in support of NASCI vzw, a service center for underprivileged children, women, and families of Brussels. Our AWCB membership has been extremely generous as usual and donated 2 overflowing carloads filled with backpacks, folders, school supplies, hygiene materials, clothes, baby strollers, sporting goods, and toys. All items were well received by the smiling Nasci team and immediately put into piles for the designated families.

Many thanks to all the members who donated to this worthwhile cause! 

Ukrainian Refugee Support

We were able to fill 10 pallets of supplies and supported over 92 families with the items donated by AWCB members! We are always impressed by the generosity of AWCB members and sincerely thank you for everything you've done! Special thanks from the board also to our member Michelle Angelone who mobilized our effort, as well as members Nicole Wilder, Lindsay Clark and Julie Kmet who are all collecting items at their homes, which are then dropped off each week at the help centers - you ladies are amazing and we sincerely appreciate your big hearts!

Lina’s Project

This year the AWCB made a very significant donation to Lina’s Project, which sponsors summer activities for under-priviledged children here in Brussels. Thanks to Lorraine DeBock’s gracious efforts, a raffle was organized during the 4th of July picnic. A special thanks to Kristen and her husband for managing the raffle which was a great success, and to those who donated prizes.

Close to 700€ was raised along with a few additional donations bringing the grand total to about 1150€. Together, as a club, we made a big difference in these children’s lives, covering about 25% of the total cost of the program this year. Many thanks to all who participated, donating financially and also giving of their time and efforts to make this a success!

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