Report from the FAWCO meeting in Porto, Portugal

March 15, 16 and 17 2024

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    I have been a AWCB member for quite several years, always heard of Fawco, never really knew what I was! So, if this rings a bell to you here is what I understood:

    Fawco is an international women’s non-profit Corporation for all American Women’s club thru out the world. It was founded in 1931. Fawco focuses on helping and supporting people in need with all sorts of profiles from Education to Health, from Environment to US Taxes issues for expats and this in countries all around the world!

    Fawco helps:

    • build strong support 
    • improve lives of women and girls worldwide 
    • advocate rights for US citizens

      The 58 clubs are put into 10 worldwide regions. Our AWCB club belongs to region 4 which includes Belgium (Brussels & Antwerp) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam & La Hague).

      Each club pays a membership. The rest of their revenues come from Sponsors (and here I proudly announce our Members Kristen and Chris who are Fawco sponsors with their American Groceries Europe business). Revenues also come from a huge silent and live auction on the Saturday gala diner of the Fawco meeting. This year the auction made an income of $41080. This enables Fawco to give out money to grants that haven been elected by the clubs. Each grant receives 4000.00€ 

      Among the beautiful things at the live auction is an annual handmade quilt sewn by several clubs with their signature and all put together! An exceptional international piece of art.  

      There is also quite a few donations by Fawco members or non-members of experiences such as a week in a house on the seashore or a place to go skiing in the Alpes. 

      FAWCO has four pilars:

      1. Global issues
      2. US issues
      3. Women’s Clubs support
      4. Philanthropy

      Global issues go for Education, Environment, Health and Human Resources

      Philanthropy has a three-year target program. Right now, the Awesome Blossom program is to help Communities in Kenya producing vegetables and farm crops in general. They have now achieved 75% of their goal, will finish next year, their 3rd year.

      The Fawco foundation (Philanthropy) announces that they have received, in 2023 a very generous gift of $200 000 from the Shirley Kearney family for education. They also received quite a few other money donations from club members.


      Fausa is an association for former members of Fawco who have moved back to the States. In a way, they do the same things as Fawco, raise money for associations in need.

      Inspiring Women Magazine

      Is a free virtual trimestral magazine that highlights the 58 American Women’s club and the 28 Fawco clubs along with Fausa clubs. At least one member is highlighted in each issue. I’m proud to say that the Highlights of the 2023 Issue, are on one of our formers presidents, Sue Frick, with her husband Murray, a 7 page article with beautiful pictures! It’s called Sharing Cultural Experience Together. 


      We have spent a lot of time giving out awards, every day!! I’m very proud to announce that one of our club members, Alkistis Kallinikou, has received the 2024 Education Award for her University degree. She has made a wonderful and hard work on her PHD in literature. She will be with us at our next quarterly meeting Tuesday April 9th at 18:30 in the All-Saints Church Chaussée de Charleroi 2 in Waterloo.

      Let’s be as many as possible to praise her!

      Fawco Gala

      Last but not least, Saturday evening was held the Fawco gala diner. Three AWCB members attended this year: Florence, Kristen and Chris. The theme was Fairytales!! So here we are, all dressed up in a butterfly fairy or a prince fairy (if that exists!)!!

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