The AWCB was founded in 1949 by 36 American women living in Brussels. The purpose then was to "create a center for social, cultural, and philanthropic activities for its members; to foster fellowship among the American women resident in Brussels and environs and to engage in cultural and welfare activities which will contribute to closer Belgo-American understanding in building toward a community of nations." 

Today, AWCB is an organization whose mission is to:

    • Create a welcoming and supportive community where members and their families share interest in American Culture and the English language.
    • Provide social, cultural, and philanthropic activities to help our members and their families achieve their fullest potential.
    • Encourage an awareness and understanding of Belgian culture.

We host a variety of events, large and small, in an effort to achieve our vision of "Sharing the American Spirit in Belgium."

The AWCB is entirely run by members who devote their time and skills voluntarily. Have a little time to give? Why not join in the fun!


American Women's Club of Brussels

Avenue des Erables, 1
1640 Rhode St Genèse
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