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The American Women's Club of Brussels

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The American Women's Club of Brussels (AWCB) is a non-profit association of multinational members that share the American Spirit.  Our membership is very diverse and made up of women and men of many nationalities who have made their home in the Brussels Region (temporarily or permanently).  Our club is a support network that fosters cultural and social activities, and provides philanthropic support to both local and global charities. The AWCB is an asbl/vzw non-profit organization that was founded on April 5, 1949 by 36 American women.


  • Create a welcoming and supportive community where members and their families share interest in American Culture and the English language.
  • Provide social, cultural and philanthropic activities to our members and their families.
  • Support from other members to navigate through all the ins and outs of living in Belgium.
  • Encourage and promote an awareness and understanding of Belgian and other cultures.


The AWCB offers a variety of social, cultural and philanthropic events to its members. We celebrate American holidays, Belgian holidays, and have a wide variety of offerings which are geared for friends, couples and families. There are many opportunities for learning, exploring and creating new friendships. Over the past few years we have also created partnerships with several other clubs in the area with whom we share events to broaden our offerings.



We are glad you are here. Whether it's the first stop along your expat journey or you have become a seasoned traveler, we are so happy to have you join us.

American Exposure: Most of our events are for members only. We celebrate American holidays, host speakers, and have a wide variety of other offerings for members and their families.

Connected Friendships: You are instantly connected to a larger group of Expats brought together through our adventures of living abroad.

Additional Benefits: The AWCB is a member of the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO), which is a United Nations accredited NGO and international network of 64 clubs in 34 countries around the world with the mission to improve the lives of women and girls globally. Each member of the AWCB, is automatically also a member of FAWCO and is eligible to serve on committees, participate in conferences and meetings, take part in their activities - and even qualify for special scholarships and utilize the services of the State Department Federal Credit Union. Find out more about the FAWCO Partnership

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American Women’s Club of Brussels

Mailing Address:

Avenue Louise 489 /7A

1050, Bruxelles, Belgium

(Please note the AWCB no longer has a physical address)

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