The AWCB is here to bring people together. Our club calendar is filled with events and activities - so many opportunities to connect. Don’t be shy about joining in the fun - say yes to that coffee, sign up for that event and see how much better life can be when you are part of our village.


We offer day trips around Belgium at least once a month. We visit cities, museums, castles and discover our host country the fun way - together! Come on an adventure with us!

Reach Out.

Humanitarian Outreach Program and Events (HOPE) is one of the founding pillars of the AWCB, committed to make a difference by offering members meaningful volunteer opportunities in the local community. From organizing events to donating gently used items to assisting in fundraising activities, there are so many ways to get involved!


Wondering where to have a Thanksgiving dinner in a country that thinks it is just a typical Thursday? Or what about that galette des rois everyone is talking about? Look no further - we celebrate American and Belgian holidays and traditions together at the AWCB! The cornerstone of our celebrations is friendship - the more the merrier! 


The AWCB is our home away from home. It is our connection to who we are as Americans or as those who share in the American spirit, and our portal to discovering and re-discovering our beautiful host country. Together we can make a difference, enjoy each other’s company and become part of the village that will support us through life’s ups and downs. 


Membership is open to Americans, those who have lived in North America, or anyone who enjoys sharing the American spirit!


We are 100% volunteer run! Joining our team is a great way to get to know fellow club members. Help us make the magic happen!


We have a variety of causes we support. Click below to learn more about how you can join us in making the world a better place.

American Women's Club of Brussels

Avenue des Erables, 1
1640 Rhode St Genèse
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